Unique-Skill Precision Pte Ltd

A leader in Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing since 1991. We are proud to be your “Partner of Choice” for high quality injection molds providing the personal service necessary for the success of your business! We have earned the recognition as being a leader in the manufacture of extremely high quality injection molds through years of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Our support in the Global Marketplace include, but not limited to, the Telecommunication, Electronics, Consumer Products, Computer, Automotive, Medical, and Lawn & Garden industries worldwide for over two decades.


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  • Unique-Skill has been a valuable Partner of Choice in every telephone system built since their foundation in 1991. Our sincere thank to the management and staff for their commitment to high quality service and mold construction.

  • We recognised Unique Skill Precision for its valuable contribution to our success.

    Lucent Technologies
  • We thank Unique-Skill for the quality molds and commitment to excellence in their products and services.

  • Our strategic partnership with Unique-Skill is important to Otter products.


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