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Unique-Skill Precision’s Pte Ltd full service Quality Control and Assurance department or QC guarantee’s our customer requirements are fulfilled. From the first article inspection to your capability study requirements, all of your quality requirements can be easily performed by our skilled staff.

Our molds are backed by warranties up to one million cycles.

Mold Quality:

  • DME equivalent mold bases
  • High Quality Core and Cavity Materials
    • H13 (48-52 RC) as ASSAB 8407 or ThyssenKrupp 2344ESR
    • 420SS (48-52 RC) from ThyssenKrupp as 2083 ESR and from ASSAB as STAVAX
    • P20 (PREHARD-33 RC) from ThyssenKrupp as 2312 and from ASSAB as HOLDAX
    • P20 (HIHARD 37-40 RC) from Daido as NAK 80, ASSAB as RAMAX 2(718), or ThyssenKrupp as 2738
    • D2 (60-62 RC) from ThyssenKrupp as 2379 or from ASSAB as XW41
    • MOLDMAX from Uddeholm
  • High Quality Components include DME, Eden, Hasco, Husky, Mold-Master, Progressive, Superior, Synventive, and Yudo.
  • English and Metric mold designs, construction, and components
  • Only American, European, and Japanese materials and components are used in the manufacture of our products.
    • There is no need to worry about being able to replace components in our molds. Both Metric and English components are readily available in the U.S.